Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hey TBC What's Your Theme Song?

My Theme Song from this quiz is actually one of my favorite songs, too.

By Sheryl Crow.

Your Theme Song is Soak Up The Sun by Sheryl Crow

"I've got no one to blame
For every time I feel lame
I'm looking up"

You're laid back, optimistic, and very together
Like the sun, people feel warm and comfortable around you

Which obviously proves that online quizzes are totally accurate, right?


Do You Like Sheryl Crow?

Friday, May 25, 2007

A Little Environmental Issue

Okay - So I'm having a little environment issue here in Canada

Weather alerts, storm warnings...

Yesterday when I got up and went outside - no traffic was moving on the street in front of my house, the emergency vehicles were out and it was a crazy way to start a day!

A TREE fell across the road, crunching some poor guy's truck...

What the heck!?

No - it wasn't a drunken tree.
No the tree wasn't tired.
It wasn't even a lazy tree.

It snowed so wet and heavy within a few hours that the weight broke the tree! Okay so it wasn't the entire tree - just enough of the tree to ruin a guy's pick-up completely and shut down the whole block entirely because there was NO PASSAGE route THROUGH.

Welcome to Canada - don't park on the Street!


It's MAY!

TBC - did you order this storm and send it up to Canada?

I will kick your behind if I find out you did lol Ya know, you're not supposed to use your credit card to order stuff like that!

Is this your Global Warming? You'd better STOP THAT! lol

If you're gonna order freak accidents - next time, order Accident call number DRIDIOT001THD01 and deliver to the aparment next to mine, okay?

That's "DRIDIOT" (Drunk Idiot) 001 T.ree D.runkard - 01 (Once) - just one time - before he passes out and nearly starts a fire like he did last week okay? Please have it delivered during the 6pm - midnight delivery time - that's when he usually passes out with food in the oven. Just don't send to the wrong apartment number - I already have a full shelf of 'freak accidents' this week. Gotta use 'em up before I stock up on more.


Sorry - was holdin' that back for almost a week.

Have had a li'l stress here in Canada and have been away from the blog...

Now you know why.

I figured it was pertinent to the blog...I have had 2 ENVIRONMENTAL DANGERS this week that are completely outside of my control.

That's all for now - back to you, TBC...

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Environmental Risks of Wind Power

Well in my search for Windmill Photos I got distracted... the awful story about Wind Turbines killing bats in Pincher Creek Alberta! lol

To my way of thinking, this little CBC News article is kind of dumb-butt!

It says that people are concerned and DO NOT KNOW WHY EXACTLY the bats are flying into the Windmills. DOH! The answer is given early in the article by a Professor Robert Barclay, and the likely solution to the problem, as well.

If you've ever HEARD a Wind Turbine, you'll understand why bats would fly into them. They HUM and 'whistle' and 'moan.' Likely (As Professor Barclay said) they shut off other 'sonar' senses once they hear the turbine sounds - then end up just schmmmmmushing into 'em. (Yes, schmmmmmmushing is a common Canadian term for 'splat/splatting/smushing into' lol). The solution - put those nasty 'deer' whistles on the Turbines or something - whatever the bats DONT LIKE TO HEAR!

So why would I give a hoop about the bats and put them on the blog?

Well (thanks for asking *rolling my eyes* TBC-who-is-probably-sleeping-right-now), people DO NOT REALIZE HOW DETRIMENTAL many of our animals, rodents, and other creatures are TO OUR ECOSYSTEM.

TBC brought up the topic of 'Global Warming' and I might be somewhat off topic here, however, to my knowledge, the problems of Global Warming are multifarious (having great variety).

Here we have a SITUATION created by people who were trying to HELP the Global Warming, energy/power situation. It was a good idea to study and start developing WIND POWER but now it's affecting the ecosystem!

Now what are we going to do???

We have FOUND SOME ANSWERS out in Southern Alberta that will lead us away, as consumers, from fossil fuels and polluting types of fuels used for energy and power...and along the way, we just killed our bats!

The reason bats are so darned important is that they feed off more harmful pests that are both annoying and dangerous to man and our food crops in Southern Alberta - and to tell you the truth, bats - they're actually pretty cute - and they don't make the worst pets, either! These li'l guys eat insects that carry disease - mostly to our food supplies.

Psssst - here's my fave bat pic - li'l one looks like a mini-pooch upside down covered in wings lol
Ohyeah - here's a 'windmill turbine tower' design plan that someone posted online

Over 500 dead li'l guys were found dead in a local area around certain Wind Turbine fields in S. AB, so in effect, that was enough to kill off the benefit of the bats to a concentrated area! 500 bats DO A LOT OF BENEFICIAL good, so their immediate absense right now is going to affect farmers and communities in that local area presently and for the next few seasons.

What is worse.....we've already seen - in Canada and the USA - a very marked decline in bat population due to other not so altruistic man-made factors (city expansions, pollution, etc). Unlike many other types of small mammal or rodents, many bat species DO NOT reproduce in huge numbers or with great speed. Bats are kind of 'fussy li'l things' that don't have a very high survival rate, as compared with most creatures their size.

Anyhow - that's about enough on that, eh? It's hard for me to tackle TBC's HUGE 'Global Warming' topic without getting side-tracked by these smaller issues.

I still didn't find the pics I wanted to of the Windmill 'farms' that I have actually driven by, and can't spend more time on looking, either - heck - there are more BAT PICS to check out, ya know? lol

Before I go, I will make two direct statements about the 'Global Warming Debate':

I believe that much of the information we receive about 'Global Warming' issues - boils down to plain and simple SCARE TACTICS used for Political Momentum...

And if that is so:

The 'global' public is being side-tracked from the real facts that we need to know about the environment (which is in jeopardy, no doubt!) - in order to solve the REAL environmental issues that are happening in our world.

And Now, Back to You, TBC *Handing over the microphone*


Saturday, May 5, 2007

Answers To Global Warming - Alternative Power

Global warming...

...basically, when I hear the term 'Global Warming,' I think of pollution. Landfills, smoke, and factory chemical-belching...those are the only pollutant issues I am familiar with - because I live out in the Prairies. I know there are way more kinds of 'pollution' issues from the marine perspective and also in the woodlands and marshes, but I don't have a lot of knowledge of those. QUite literally, I live (happily and luckily so!) in one of the cleanest areas of the globe!

By contrast even with where you live, TBC, I am in a clean environment.

Global warming is a nasty topic that a lot of people don't allow to fall off their lips too often out here where I live! In Calgary Alberta, there is a common notion that we are a wealthy city and that we EARNED our rights to drive a car everyday even though there is a public transit system available. We have old-standing, old-fashioned work ethics in a lot of sectors, and with those ideals, people believe that hard work is rewarded by having choices after the work is done and that so long as something is not visibly harming someone else, we can choose to buy, do, and live the way we want. After all, we worked hard and did our job when we were supposed to. Since most people cannot 'see' visible problems in the environment right now and 'we' have a relatively clean environment in Alberta, pollution and other related environmental problems are other peoples' problems!

Even as a major city, Calgary has far fewer air pollution issues than one might expect. I can only remember a handful of 'air quality' warnings during my whole life. On the other hand, when I lived in Hamilton Ontario for a while, a few years ago, I listened to 'air quality reports' on the radio on a daily basis through the warm months and decided via the reports how long I might stay outdoors to do errands and activities at certain times. The only 'air quality' warnings we have had that I am aware of in the prairie provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba) have occurred due to seasonal fires - or the occasional natural gas explosion or some kind of chemical spill accident.

So...sometimes 'environment' issues are difficult to discuss with a general public, out where I live, TBC. Many people just don't see a noticeable problem - therefore no problem exists, I guess. Not to mention that - in my area of Calgary Alberta in the Prairie Regions of Canada, our collective wealth is EXACTLY derived from some of the Earth's most feared pollutants! OIL AND GAS! On one hand - we don't 'SEE' a visible problem. On another hand, we PROVIDE the pollutants on a global scale, so at a certain level, there is a LOT OF government HUSH about certain levels of pollution, TBC. There is no wonder for many people - that a general public is unaware of TOXINS, POLLUTANTS, and things like that. In part, some of the general public who don't discuss the topic of Global Warming or pollution - simply don't believe there's a problem. And - RIGHTLY SO - because to their scope of knowledge, they've not been given the information to make them become concerned about certain issues.

A general public has access to many 'Reports' on the environment but this is how some of it works:

When we see a government research report on a certain pollution concentration and it is, say 9%...but we also look at a report from another country and it says 36% pollution problem...

We sit back and say, "Hey we're lower- no problems - the country with the 36% has problems."

Immediately OUTSIDE of my city, however, we've had people dedicated to environment issues for a surprisingly long time. Since I was a child, I can remember 'Windfields'/Windmill Fields out in the Southern Alberta (Pincher Creek) areas. Here's a photo page I found while doing a search on 'Southern Alberta Windmills'. It has factory and 'pollution' photos as well as some fantastic shots of windmills, some 'dumps,' and some people 'cleaning' the environment.

I'm still researching this topic - so I'll update this post within a few hours. I just KNOW I can find a more amazing picture of the Windmills! I remember driving by FIELDS of windmills when I was younger - and when I was grown, I had to take my son by those fields once he was about 7 or 8....and I was worried that the "Wind-Fields" would be 'smaller' when I was grown haha - and that I had only IMAGINED THEM with more than 3 or 6 units per field when I was a kid - but my son and I did find some fields with dozens and dozens of them!



Friday, May 4, 2007

Love Addiction, Cho, and..... Global Warming?

Alright, well I have taken some time to think, and now am ready to respond. I agree with you Teeray, that many factors were what caused the Virginia Tech Massacre. I also have found another article in regards to the prescription drug factor, which you can read here. As far as Love addiction, yes I do know something about it, and addiction in general, and I agree with you in the fact that many people would not consider it an addiction. There are really several types of Love Addicts. One would be co-dependent people, these are the ones who you always see sticking it out through a bad relationship, because they are dependent on whatever emotional needs this person is fulfilling. Another type, is the person who always seems to be seeing "someone". These people are the ones who will find a new attraction a short few days after a breakup, and just move from one relationship to the next never really being fulfilled. I have been both of these people before, and I believe if you fall into one of these categories, you can easily switch to the other. There are other types as well, actually too numerous to mention here. For more information on love addiction try the site for love addiction.

Ok well I've had about enough of talking about Virginia Tech, and Cho. Its time to send this blog in a new direction, and I have the coordinates right here. A highly political and debated issue currently is the issue of Global Warming. For some information on this check out the wikipedia entry on it. Is man causing it? To what degree are we responsible, if we are? Is it a left wing conspiracy? If it is real, how imminent is the threat? These are questions which we all want answers to, and I will do my best to answer with the information available to me. First off, Teeray, Im sure you and your neighbors are cheering on global warming up there in the frigid north. However, Canada and all the northern region needs to stay cold, for obvious reasons, the main one being to keep the polar icecaps frozen. I will say that I do believe Global Warming is occuring, not only because of the statistics and studies done on it, but also because of all the poison man is putting into the atmosphere. I can't believe that all the CO2 we are emitting into the atmosphere has no negative consequences. However, I have not seen conclusive evidence that this is the only cause of recent weather events and average global temperature increases. I believe that the threat is long-term, however it will take many years to reverse this effect. I believe that the suggestion that this is all political, or a left-wing conspiracy, is complete garbage and in itself the suggestion is politically motivated. My opinion is, that we are at a point where we should begin looking for and using other means of energy and transportation, if for no other reason than for the fact that "we don't currently know what, if any, damage we are doing to our environment". That being said, we have not found another earth as of yet in the entire universe. This earth is similar to our own physical bodies, if we don't take care of it we will not prosper and may not even live. Would you put something into your body if you were "unsure" of its effects? Would you need scientific proof to show it causes harm before you would stop? This is exactly what is being asked on the global warming issue. I believe until someone can prove that CO2 is "good" for the earth, we should begin limiting our energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Yes Teeray, Canada will have to stay cold. You should be used to it by now though!!